Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines of Journal of Economics, Law, and Humanities

The manuscript can be in the form of research results, character studies (obituaries) or book reviews or book reviews. The writing format is adjusted to the provisions for scientific journals with the following structure:

  • Title of article no more than 14 words
  • Author's name (without title), name of agency and email correspondence
  • Abstract in English)
  • Keywords maximum 5 words
  • Introduction must contain (short and sequential) a general background review and literature review, try a minimum of 3 literature reviews that can justify the novelty or novelty of this research or the uniqueness of this research compared to previous research (usually 2-3 paragraphs). In the introductory section it is also necessary to describe the research problem.In the final paragraph of the introduction the purpose of writing the article must be stated.
  • Method, data, and analysis. The third part of the manuscript, “Method, Data, and Analysis” is designed to describe the nature of the data. The method should be well elaborated enhancing the model, the analysis approach and the steps taken. Equations should be numerically numbered consecutively in parentheses with aligning right margin, and it can use either the same font (Calibri) or the formula font.

Y=α+ßX+ε (1)    

Questionnaires and experimental instruments

Manuscripts reporting on field surveys or experiments should include questionnaires, cases, interview plans or other instruments used in the study as appendices.

  • Results and Discussion. This section consists of the results of the research and how the theme was discussed. The results obtained from the research must be supported by adequate data. The results of the research must be the answer to the problem and research objectives stated earlier in the introduction section.
  • Conclusions should be the answer to the research question, and not expressed in statistical sentences. The presentation is in the form of flowing paragraphs that relate one content to another. Use terms that have substantive meaning in the field of science and avoid technical terms statistical/methodological)
  • Reference sources use primary sources such as articles in scientific journals or proceedings, articles in books from research results, historical sites, artifacts, and others that are original works. The ratio of these primary sources is 80% compared to other sources and comes from from publications in the last 10 years, it is recommended to use the Mendeley or Zotero application and use the APA style citation system.
  • Acknowledgment (if any). Author (s) may acknowledge a person or organization that helped him/her/them in many ways. Please use the singular heading even if there are many acknowledgments.

The manuscript must be written in good academic Indonesian or English. All spelling and vocabularies should refer to Pedoman Umum Ejaan Bahasa Indonesia (PUEBI) or Webster’s International Dictionary. Length of writing between 4000-7000 words, 1.5 spaces, Book Antiqua pt 12 font, submit in Open Office, Microsoft Word, RTF, or Word Perfect document file format. Single authors should not use the word “we.” In terms of using Arabic-Latin transliteration, authors should refer to the Guidelines for Transliteration of Arabic-Latin SKB Two Ministers, the Minister of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia Number 158 of 1987 and the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia Number 0543 b/u/1987 concerning Guidelines for Arabic-Latin Transliteration.